3-Dimensional Models


Al, our designer and builder here at Legendary Escapes, has an incredible ability to visualize the way a swimming pool will look long before the first shovel even breaks ground. It’s his unique background in both art and physics that makes this possible. Al loves a challenge when it comes to building pools. He is great at taking complicated spaces and figuring out how to make them incredible. A big challenge that a lot of people run into is elevation–not everyone’s backyards have big, flat spaces to build a pool. This is no problem for Al, though–he is excellent at figuring out how to make these types of spaces work. He is the master of well-placed retaining walls, and he can make just about any space work for the needs of a beautiful, custom pool. Sometimes, though, it can be hard for anybody except Al visualize the ideas that Al has. It can be hard to visualize what a pool will really look like from a 2-dimensional drawing, especially when there are elevation changes. For Al, this isn’t a huge problem, because he has already built the pool in his head. But, for his customers and his construction team, sometimes he needs to figure out how to convey the details of a pool design. To solve this problem, he began making 3-dimensional of complicated pools, or particular details of pools. This is a great way for clients to visualize what their pool will look like when all is said and done, and helps all of us common-folk to see what’s in Al’s head. For a complicated yard with elevation changes, a model can be a wonderful tool for everyone to be on the same page when it comes to the design of the pool. It also gives clients an opportunity to get a feel for what the finished product will be, and give feedback before it’s too late.


Al also makes 3-D models of particular parts of a swimming pool. For example, grottos and waterfalls are often unique parts of a Legendary Escapes pool. From a drawing, all a client will see is the top of the design–they can really only get a feel for where these features might be, not what they will look like. 3-D models are helpful for this, also, as it gives clients the ability to see the vision for a grotto or a waterfall, or another unique detail of their pool. Here, too, they can give helpful feedback about the design, and things can be adjusted before it becomes very difficult to do so.
Overall, Al is committed to creating the highest-quality swimming pools he can, and to making sure his customers are completely happy with their custom pools. He is always finding new ways to achieve these goals. 3-dimensional models are one more way that he strives for happy clients and incredible swimming pools.