Ask the pool guy…

al twitter picAllan Curtis has been in the pool industry for most of his adult life. We’ll leave you to figure out just what this translates to in years.

What we have come to realize, is that Al Curtis probably has more hands on experience and working knowledge of swimming pools than anyone in the country. Many people can say that they’ve been involved in the industry at some level for a number of years, however, the specific working knowledge that you get from being a part of things on a daily basis, is something else.

The good news is that Al continues to share his expertise, and really has a desire to make the industry a better place. Part of the challenge of having such a well respected, experienced professional in our midst is that there is sometimes a high premium for his time. Due to his specialty knowledge and unique abilities to remedy pool situations for homeowners, his time is in demand. The schedulers love this challenge – as we look for the well suited individuals to take their training from Al and develop a more robust service team that can learn direct from the pool guy and bring their knowledge to you.

If you are interested in learning how to build hybrid swimming pools, or service swimming pools under the Ask the Pool Guy brand, please give our team a call!