Ask the Pool Guy: about an algae problem

Hello, I have an algae problem that I can’t get a handle on.  I have to use a hose with a pointed tip to blow the algae out of the grout lines. The pool is clear the algae is just in the grout lines. I am curious if this is something that you do, if so could I get a quote for this.  I live in Mount Clemens and the pool is 20 x 40 in ground tiled with 1×1 tile and the algae is in the grout lines.

A: I am happy to help, though you are a bit out of our service area. Let’s try some troubleshooting:

You should be able to use a strong algaecide to rid the pool of the problem in combination with some liquid chlorine. If you have green right now, I’d add 1 bottle of a strong algaecide – the strongest you can get at your pool place, it may even have a formula for green/yellow/or black algae. Follow that with 2 cases of liquid chlorine, and it should clear up. Brush the walls, clean the grout line, and then put the pool on a routine maintenance program of shocking with liquid chlorine weekly and adding 5-10 ounces of algaecide per week.

If this doesn’t clear it up, you may want to find out if you could have another source of “green” it could be eroding of your copper heater core, or a byproduct of another chemical you are using?

If you have any more details about your chemicals, maintenance routine, and the setup of your equipment, I’d be happy to trouble shoot some more. A photo of your pool, the grout line, and the equipment pad would also be helpful.

Do you have a sand filter? Has the sand been changed in the last 3-5 years?

Did your last water sample test reveal any trace metals in your water?

*For some chemicals that you may need to stock up on to address this type of issue, please click here for pool chemicals to order onlinepool, slightly green, ask the pool guy about algae.