Ask the Pool Guy: Handing the Project to Jodi {Legendary Escapes}

We’re sitting here at a project that we just completed about a month ago. Jodi is now taking it over and going to landscape it. It’s like my baby. When we work as diligently and hard as we do at creating something that we can really all enjoy, it’s hard to give it away. In this particular case, though, the handover is pretty smooth and easy because Jodi is an extension of us. Jodi’s company and what she does is really an extension of how we feel about things. So, it’s time for me to hand it over to you, and let you make me look good. Which I really appreciate.
The landscaping can either make or break a project. I talk oftentimes how landscapers try to over-landscape. Maybe it’s an overselling, because they make more money in plants or something, but I see an awful lot of projects that are overdone. I think in an environment like this, just enough. Simple is good. Keeping it simple and yet interesting and elegant is important, but not overdoing it. And that’s certainly something Jodi, from the gardener perspective – and she’s a Horticulturalist – so she has that feel. It’ not about how much money I can make per plant, but rather – how can I use that right plant to accentuate the hard-scape that’s around, and I really appreciate it. Why don’t you share a little bit of that? In terms of your feeling about that.
Jodi: The one thing that you guys always create is a great setting. To express it in plant material, in plant life, one of the things that is specific to it is that it has to have a specific rhythm. Be an accent to what has been developed here. The thing is again, a lot of the time the spaces are small. They are not large yards. So you have to make sure that it’s scaled, with the plant material, to be proportionate and show off the creation of the pool and the grottos or the slides or any of the other accents that have been put into place. The cool thing is, with especially this project, once going into the steampunk Caribbean, it gives me a theme that I can run with and find the exact plant material that’s just going to make everything come to life literally.

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