Ask the Pool Guy is on the top of his game!

2013 Masters of Design Award Winning Pool by Legendary Escapes Al CurtisIn the sports world, it’s a commonly accepted fact that athletes have their peak years–the years during which they are performing at their best. It’s fun to watch them during these years, and it’s especially fun if you’ve been following these players for a while and have had the opportunity to watch them improve. It’s during these years that people flock to sporting events so they can watch the player, because they know this time won’t last forever–there will come a time a few years down the road when this player is not playing at the same caliber, or maybe not playing at all. During and after these peak performance years, many athletes start to think about what kinds of changes they might need to make in the future, after they have reached the peak and are heading down the other side. Some athletes decide to retire, some keep playing, some turn to coaching, and some might do something completely different altogether.

Our builder and designer, Al Curtis, is in his peak years right now. He is pushing the limits of the pool industry and he is improving his craft with every pool he builds. He’s in his peak years for swimming pool design and construction. He is receiving national attention for his unique and custom designs. He is proud of each and every swimming pool he is building. He’s excited about what he’s doing, and it’s exciting to watch him do it and be a part of it. It’s been an incredibly busy summer for Al in terms of construction, and we’re always getting phone calls, emails, and web inquiries about new projects.

Just as a top athlete knows he has a finite number of games left to play, Al knows he has a finite number of swimming pools left to build. With the growing popularity and recognition of Legendary Escapes Pools, our construction schedule is filling up fast. If you’ve been considering a swimming pool and following us on our website or social media sites, now is the time to call! You don’t have to be ready to get started on your project right away–even if you’re considering a project in the next few years, you’ll want to get on the list. Because each and every swimming pool is built by our in-house team and Al is physically involved in every step of every swimming pool he builds, we have limited availability in our construction schedule. Our waiting list is ever-growing, and we’d hate for you to miss out because you waited just a little too long. If you want Al to build you a Legendary Escape in your backyard, even if your plan is a few years down the road, we would highly suggest that you get in touch with us and set up an appointment to meet with Al.

Just because our schedule is filling up, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait too long for your swimming pool. Our waiting list is fluid–it isn’t necessarily dictated by the order of the inquiries we receive. Al, the Pool Guy, is always looking for new and exciting projects where he can push the limits and do something new. He loves to work on projects he is excited about. If your pool project presents a unique design challenge or something fun and exciting he hasn’t done yet, there’s a good chance your project will move closer to the front of the list.  While he does his best to be fair and honor the people who are on the list, sometimes a project speaks to him and he just can’t wait to get started!

If you’re considering a pool and would like to schedule a design appointment with Al, you can reach him or a friendly member of his team by phone (248-478-4978) or email ( We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have, talk with you about what you’re looking for and schedule an appointment!