Ask the Pool Guy: Musical Instruments in the Waterfall {Legendary Escapes}

As we started building this waterfall and I had the first obvious stemming water come out of the bell-helmet, we had this other half of the waterfall that we had to figure out how to get water out and what we could use.
We were here one day, and I asked Sandi the question, “What do you think? Any ideas of what we could use?” She said, “Well, what about instruments? Could you run water out of instruments?” I said, “Well, that’s a great idea. We should try to see what we could get.” She promptly went back to the office and put word out to the universe and to all of her social media friends, and sent the girl in the office out to some antique malls, and lo’ and behold, the first big item was a tuba.
The tuba is our main waterfall source, and then each of these other instruments also have water that come out of them. The neat thing was first, the idea was great, and it was something that I was struggling with. It was really nice to ask someone who wasn’t seeing it every day, and it just rolled right off of her tongue, and it was really quick and easy. She was like, “Oh, here’s a great idea.” I don’t know if she was serious about it or not at first when she said it, but we ran with it and I’m thrilled with that result.
What we had to do then is figure out how to get the water to come out of the tuba. Of course we didn’t want it running through the entire tuba, so we just got creative and literally cut the bell off, had the plumbing attached to the back of the bell, and then mudded the rest of the tuba into the structure so that it looks like it’s all still together. That’s in fact what we did for each of the pieces of equipment.
We have a clarinet here. Out of the back of the clarinet, as it got narrowed down, a place where we could attach and clamp a pipe to it, we just cut it right there, mudded that in, and then took the rest of the clarinet and put it so it would look like it was still together. All of these things, the exact same thing is … The trombones are not full length trombones, they’re cut off, water is inserted, and then we just mud it together. The cement holds it in place to make it look like it’s supposed to be there.
That was really kind of a fun thing because it’s so unexpected as a delivery for water. Because it was unexpected, it gets a lot of attention, and that’s kind of what we’re going for. We want there to be that wow factor all the time so that when people come over they’re seeing something new every time they’re here. This is definitely something that gets a lot of attention.

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