Ask the Pool Guy: Penny the Pool Dog’s Paw Print {Legendary Escapes}

I talk about Penny quite a bit and you see her in video. She’s Penny the pool dog that we have on location with us all the time. Homeowners tend to just absolutely fall in love with her and want to make her a part of their lives. Occasionally, what she’ll do, because we’re working and building on a waterfall and concrete, usually she’s pretty good about it, but occasionally she’ll jump up on wet cement. In this particular case, we left it and the homeowners wanted it. It was her footprint/signature, so we have two rocks that have Penny prints in them.

What I would caution you though if a dog does that, make sure you clean their paws really well because the cement will really dry out and tear up between the pads because it’s really sensitive skin in there, so if she ever does get into the concrete, which happens on rare occasions, but when that happens, we make sure to clean her paws really well. We’ll leave her signature because she’s been part of the crew, and we’ve all left our signature here, so she might as well do it as well.

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