Ask the Pool Guy: Steampunk Caribbean Waterfall Origin {Legendary Escapes}

So, this is probably the most unique and different thing that I’ve ever done with a waterfall. I was intrigued with the idea of playing with copper and shape in creating visual interest, and I love old gate valves. This was the net result of stuff I had found. I had this pressure gauge – that was sort of the basis for it. I had that pressure gauge, I bought that on a whim, probably four years ago at an antique mall just because I liked it. I didn’t have any idea what I would use it for. It literally hung out in a box for four years. When we started thinking about what steam punking would … This waterfall would look like, that was the first thing that came to mind. I went and dug it out and started with the manifold right here, coming in, and started thinking, “What could I do with it that could be visually interesting?”
That was the first thing that went in. We added some more gauges, and then valves. There’s plenty of valves here for the kids to play with. What happens is, we can have water come out of all of them, or none of them. But I also built it for winterization, because that would be part of the concern. What would happen to this for winter. There’s a union right here. You take that union apart and unclamp it in a few places, and this whole manifold comes off. We won’t even leave it out here for winter. Instead, it will be put away in the garage or wherever for winter and it will be easy to put back on in the spring.  The net result is this really organic, crazy feel that is visually interesting.
Now, the upkeep on this … Something to think about is, when you’re running water through copper, you certainly want to keep the alkalinity in check and you want to keep the pH not too low, not too high.  Make sure you take care of those continually because, obviously, if we have very acidic water, we’re gonna etch that copper quicker and we’re gonna pull it out of the plumbing and deposit it into the pool.  So, be very cautious when using copper for everything, just to make sure that your water chemistry is right on.

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