Ask the Pool Guy: The Pool Side Bar as a Retaining Wall {Legendary Escapes}

We have a situation here where we have this constantly sloping grade. High in the back, low in the middle, dropping off to a big valley and we could have just built a retaining wall around the whole back side and made it all flat, but instead of doing that, what I like about the grade is that I can do things like, a bar. Now, instead of just filling this all in and putting a retaining wall around the outside, we use the wall of the pool as a step down and that gives us this great elevation for a bar, water lever, and then drop down to a lower patio. The more those patios and those spaces that you can create, the more interesting it is. When you look the flow of people and how people use their space, you can give them one big space to use or you can break it up into pieces so that, as they have people over, people can congregate in different sections.
By doing grade changes and elevation changes, it forces them to create little vignettes. Spread out, not just one big table and one big pad of concrete. Instead, it’s helping to spread people out so they will use the entire space.

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