Automatic Pool Cleaners

Vacuuming your pool can be a hassle. You don’t always have the time to do it as often as you should; and, let’s be honest, sometimes you just don’t want to spend the time you do have vacuuming your swimming pool. It’s important, though, to keep your pool clean. It’s not just about the enjoyment and cleanliness of swimmers, though–although no one likes to swim in a dirty pool, so that’s usually motivation enough for homeowners to keep their pools clean.

It’s also important that your pool be clean for your friendly neighborhood swimming pool service company. When we come to service your pool, it’s really helpful if the water is not too cloudy. For the most part, we need to be able to see the bottom of your pool if we’re going to be able to service it properly. Obviously, if the reason you’re calling us is because your pool is cloudy, we’ll help you with that. But if your pool is just cloudy because it’s dirty, we generally suggest some chemicals to add and advise what you should do and then ask you to call us back when you can see the bottom.

To keep your pool clean without spending time wrestling with the vacuum, try an automatic pool cleaner. It will keep your pool clean and you don’t need to waste your time vacuuming manually. It makes life easier for you and for us, and you may even use your pool more often if it stays cleaner.

There are different brands to choose from and different styles and models to suit your pool and your needs. We recommend Dolphin pool cleaners–it’s what we use in our own pools and the only brand we recommend to customers. In the end, though, the decision is yours. Do your research and decide on what automatic cleaner is right for you. You can always contact us if you have questions about choosing an automatic cleaner.