What’s the best type of pool for Michigan’s climate?

In Michigan we have a freeze thaw cycle that much of the midwest also experiences. Without getting into a weather lesson (though we could, just ask!), we will tell you that because of the freeze/thaw cycle, and the Michigan winter, there is some discussion to be had about the best type of pool installation.

We here at Legendary Escapes recommend either a vinyl liner pool or a gunite pool for installation here in Michigan.

The vinyl liner pool is constructed by digging the hole with a 3′ overdig. The steel walls are then put into place, bolted together, deck braces attached, and a footing poured at the base of the steel walls to hold the pool in place. The walls are then backfilled, and the rest of the installation components such as hardbottom and patio are installed. Once the liner goes in, you have a liner with the water inside that is able to move independent of the pool and patio itself. Any shifting in the ground during the freeze/thaw cycle will not compromise (if installed correctly) the water holding capability of your pool.

A gunite pool is also a good choice here in Michigan. It is constructed in such a way that the freeze/thaw cycle will have minimal impact on the gunite structure itself, as long as proper winterization is followed. Many homeowners do experience issues with tile falling off the pool, which is common, and even with the best installation, not always avoidable. When water is drained from the pool for the winterization process, the tile is left exposed – and it is at ground level, so any shifting in the ground movement from expansion would potentially put pressure on the beam around the top of the pool where the tile is installed, and occasional tile pop off’s happen. This is something that is easily fixed with an adhesive for the tile – as long as you are proactive about the maintenance to your tile, it should work out just fine.

We do not recommend Fiberglass pools for construction in Michigan, though we happily support their installation in other parts of the country. If you would like to find out any more about why this is the case, we’d be happy to have a discussion with you, so please ask.

If you have any other questions about the best type of pool to install in Michigan, or even better, the best installation for your conditions and in your yard, please set up an appointment with our award winning pool designer, Al Curtis,  and he can take you through all of your options.