{PR} March 2013 – National Pool Industry Innovation: Hybrid Pools™

National Pool Industry Innovation Premiers at Novi Pool and Spa Show as Legendary Escapes Swimming Pools Showcases Hybrid Pools™

(March, 2013) Allan Curtis, designer and builder for Legendary Escapes Pools, is a true innovator. He is pioneering a whole new process of swimming pool design and construction, working to give his clients a new and customized experience. He has combined vinyl liner and gunite swimming pools into one unique process, so customers can reap the benefits of gunite without the drawbacks and enjoy the benefits of vinyl liners without the limitations.

“I always like to challenge the boundaries of what people expect,” explains Curtis. “I deliver an experience, a life enhancing addition to their home.”

In an industry where builders are typically set in their ways, Curtis thrives on experimenting and expanding what people can expect, particularly considering the short season in this climate. He thrives on giving homeowners something truly new, with design and function features typically only seen in high-end tropical settings. “Let’s give them something wonderful. Even if they can only use the area for a few months each year, why not make those moments extraordinary?”

Take, for example, the Hybrid Pool ™ backyard resort he built for a homeowner in Saline as a custom pool builder in Michigan. Far more than an attractive in-ground swimming pool, the entire design includes a swim-out seating area with a floating table; a 10-foot sun shelf where guests recline on lounge chairs in a few inches of water; a custom carved waterfall that sits beside a fun water slide; and a hand-built pool house that hides the mechanicals built to resemble a Rocky Mountain Mining Camp.

By combining vinyl and gunite elements within one swimming pool, Curtis is able to customize each swimming pool he builds and create a truly one-of-a-kind work of art in a client’s backyard. He uses vinyl liners for the basic structure of the swimming pool, because it is the most comfortable surface for the swimmer, and a practical choice for most customers. The limitations of vinyl liners, though, lie in the design features available. Curtis knew there had to be a better way—some way to give clients the benefits of vinyl with the freedom of gunite. So he began combining the elements in a way unlike any other.

Curtis is developing this process of combining the elements to form a Hybrid Swimming Pool™. A vinyl liner pool can have a gunite sun shelf, so swimmers can sunbathe in shallow water. It can have a swim-up bar or a built-in, tiled waterslide. By combining these elements that have been separate for so long, Curtis is able to build backyard getaways that are specifically tailored to each and every one of his clients.


Allan Curtis is the designer and builder for Legendary Escapes Pools. With decades of experience in the swimming pool industry, he is passionate about finding new ways to best serve his clients. If you are interested in a custom swimming pool for your home and would like to learn more or schedule a consultation, you can contact him or a member of his team by phone (248-478-4978), email (pools@legendaryescapes.com), or online (www.legendaryescapes.com).

Hybrid Swimming Pool by Legendary Escapes
Hybrid Swimming Pool/Spa

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