{PR} February 2015 – Legendary Escapes own Ask the Pool Guy to showcase Hybrid Pools™ during 2015 Novi Pool and Spa Show

(February, 2015) Nationally recognized Al Curtis, Ask the Pool Guy and designer/builder of Legendary Escapes leads the pool industry with vinyl liner pool innovation in his Hybrid Swimming Pool™ construction.

The projects Curtis designs and builds are located in the Southeastern Michigan and include vinyl liner pools boasting elements such as custom gunite/pebble finished sun-ledges, large swim-in grottos with low voltage lighting, shelves and treasures within, raised spill-over spas, and in pool seating, floating tables and underwater bar stools. He also leads the Michigan Market as an innovative adopter of the In-Floor Heating/Cleaning/Efficiency systems (heating from the bottom up, and completely automatic cleaning capabilities). For  added pizazz there are also custom hand crafted Lighting Surround Technology that compliments each project and adds 24 hour entertaining possibilities.

Curtis, is a true innovator and his projects continue to one-up each other. His goal is to build one of a kind experiences for his homeowners and their families.

In a recent project the homeowner mentioned their love of “The Goonies” movie and Curtis and his creative team got to work theming the pool to include pirate’s treasure and antique artifacts to be found while swimming in the grotto entertaining area. In recent years, his innovative and pioneering process of building hybrid swimming pools has gained national attention as a Master of Design award winner for the Brighton, MI “Northern Retreat/Woodsy Charm” pool, and as a regular contributing author to AQUA Magazine, the national business publication for the Pool and Spa Industry.


“I always like to challenge the boundaries of what people expect,” explains Curtis. “I deliver an experience, and for me each new project needs to have just a little more “wow” than the last.”

In an industry where builders are typically set in their ways, Curtis thrives on experimenting and expanding what people can expect, particularly considering the short season in this climate. He is intent on giving homeowners something truly new, with design and function features typically only seen in high-end tropical settings. “Let’s give them something wonderful. Even if they can only use the area for a few months each year, why not make those moments extraordinary?”

Take, for example, the “Natural, Nautical” themed Hybrid Pool ™ backyard resort he built for a family in Ortonville, MI. Once the project began it took on a life of it’s own with the freeform shaped pool, raised spillover spa anchoring the gunite/pebble sun ledge/step entry area, and custom carved waterfall with wrap around slide that surrounds the grotto, comfortably seating 5-8 people behind a sheeting waterfall, which per the customers request provides a continual deluge of water for maximum enjoyment.

By combining vinyl and gunite elements within one swimming pool, Curtis is able to customize each swimming pool he builds and create a truly one-of-a-kind work of art in a client’s backyard. By adding the theming elements and being an early adopter to innovation in the industry, Curtis is leading by example as he strives to bring amazing pool experiences to his homeowners while inspiring others in his industry as an innovative leader in the design, build and construction of custom projects.


Al Curtis is the co-owner and Designer/Builder at Legendary Escapes in Brighton, Michigan. A 27-year pool industry veteran, Al received the Master of Design Award in 2013 from Pool and Spa News. Al maintains a high public profile as a professional public speaker and networker, and presented at the 2014 Pool, Spa and Patio Show. A published author, Al is also a regular contributor to AQUA Magazine and a frequent speaker and consultant on organic marketing for business owners. His online alter-ego Ask the Pool Guy has garnered him industry-wide recognition, and he has a solid social media base of 50K Twitter followers and a YouTube channel with 750+ videos. Al earned a BA in physics, a background which helps inform his pool building technique. If you are interested in a custom swimming pool for your home and would like to learn more or schedule a consultation, you can contact him or a member of his team by phone (248-478-4978), email (pools@legendaryescapes.com), or online (www.legendaryescapes.com).


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