{PR} September 2012 – Eco-Friendly Builder

Eco-Friendly Builder Provides High Quality Swimming Pools 

(August 2012) – Al Curtis, of Legendary Escapes Pools, prides himself on his high quality and original swimming pool creations. Customers looking for a completely unique pool experience know they can count on him to give them something incredible. Something else clients can count on, is an eco-friendly approach to the building process.

At Legendary Escapes, almost the entire building process is done by hand. A crew of studly pool guys and strong and determined gals use manpower instead of horsepower to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Everything is done by hand unless a machine is absolutely necessary—clients are more likely to see shovels than heavy machinery in their backyards.

Concrete is mixed on-site by hand, and sculpted into rocks and other intricate details. That means two important things for customers: every pool is an Al Curtis original, and every pool is built with as little environmental toll as possible. Curtis provides the best of both worlds for environmentally conscious customers who want a stunning piece of art in their backyards.

Beyond the actual construction of the swimming pools, Curtis promotes green alternatives to the pool equipment that is necessary for any functioning pool. Curtis encourages customers to consider these alternatives, equipment that is high quality and eco-friendly. Chlorine generators take regular table salt and turn it into all the chlorine a pool needs, creating a cycle that keeps swimming pools clean and doesn’t involve customers to purchase, handle, and store harsh chemicals. Automated swimming pool systems keep equipment running only when it is necessary or desired, cutting energy costs and reducing carbon footprints.

Curtis embraces an eco-friendly approach to building swimming pools, and encourages his customers to take a similar approach when it comes to maintaining their pools. But this does not come with a sacrifice of efficiency or functionality. Curtis and his crew are incredibly efficient—a strong work ethic carries them further than heavy machinery could; and the equipment he suggests is often more efficient and higher quality than traditional models on the market.

For customers looking for a high quality, artistic, eco-friendly swimming pool experience, Curtis is the perfect fit.


Allan Curtis, builder and designer for Legendary Escapes Pools, has a lifetime of experience in the swimming pool industry. He cares about his customers and the environment, and prides himself on creating beautiful and eco-friendly swimming pools. If you’re interested in building a new swimming pool, contact Curtis or a capable member of his team by phone (248-478-4978), e-mail (pools@legendaryescapes.com), or online (www.legendaryescapes.com).


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