Custom Concrete Swim-up Bar

Indoor Wharf Entertaining Gunite Pool-  When we build pools we try to add as much of what the homeowner wants as possible here we took a little twist with an idea that they had originally.

Finishing Custom Concrete Water Slides

Indoor Wharf Entertaining Gunite Pool Water slides are always a hit with everyone here we made sure that the surface was correct and that the height of the room was at the correct level for the size of the slide. 

Winter Project Progress

Indoor Wharf Entertaining Gunite Pool-  We are just moving along on this indoor gunite renovation! Here is some video to fill you in on what we have been doing!

Big Changes

Indoor Wharf Entertaining Gunite Pool-  A Legendary Escapes Pool Renovation. We have slowed down this winter but we have not come to a stop! We are working hard to create this beautiful renovation for these indoor pool homeowners!