{2012 Projects} Northern Retreat Woodsy Charm

Woodsy Charm Northern Retreat

This pool has so many features, you hardly know which to look at or use first! This is our 2013 National Award Winning Pool.

Al’s Thoughts on the Pool Party

Sometimes we throw a party when the pool is finished…here is a video about the Pool Guy’s Northern Retreat with a Twist.

The Semi-Negative Edge

AskthePoolGuy describes how this project is, but isn’t a negative edge.

Meet the Crew

The Pool Guy Al introduces us to his crew, Tom, Dave and Chris, who helped build this award winning pool in 2012.

Fiber Optic Lighting in the Grotto

The Pool Guy Al shows us the way he made a concrete cave even more unique.

Designing the Pool

How does the Pool Guy Al see his creations?

Carving Concrete Rocks

Learn how the Pool Guy Al works his magic with concrete.

What is a Hybrid Pool?

Learn more about a hybrid pool.

The Pool Guy Talks About Visualizing the Pool

Al explains how he’s able to see his creations before he creates them.

The Model

Ask the Pool Guy shares his new project via clay model