{2014 Project} Artist Escape

Building a Custom waterfall

Al describes the planning for a large, 3 part waterfall.

Blue stone for coping

Bluestone offers several advantages in color, shape and texture.

Renovation Challenges

Al discusses how this renovation plan came together. These are major changes to make it more useable for the client. From breaking out a wall to adding a waterfall and sun shelf. He also shallowed- up about 2 feet.

Tape Measures?

It’s not often that the pool guy uses a tape measure, more of the work being done by feel and with an organic approach. We caught him using a tape measure and thought we would share.

Why we took on this project

This project is a rare renovation. Al explains how he was willing to take on this project and work with this awesome client. (Well, all of our clients are awesome! Aren’t we lucky? No, we’re picky.)

The flow of the waterfall

Physics and Art experience drive Al’s creative spirit. Here he talks about the difference between using natural and carved-cement rocks.

Chairs on the sun shelf

Thermal Ledge / Sun Shelf: Al shares his considerations on pool furniture.

Sun shelf height

Thermal Ledge, we call them Sun Shelf. Consider the height of your ledge lounger to guide your depth. Al gives you some more information on his thinking.

Adding a Love Seat

Video of a loveseat in the creation stages. Al talks about how his Hybrid Pool design allows him to give the client a nice place to sit in the water.

Renovation with Chilton Stone

This Chilton Ledgestone makes a perfect, substantial waterfall for this pool renovation

Natural Stone Waterfalls

When building a pool project, careful consideration should go into the hardness of stones, so that they look great and will hold up to the water chemistry demands of swimming pool water.

The Process

There is a process to this renovation. Get a behind the scenes look at what it takes for the elements to come together.

The Progress

See what is happening as we make progress on this pool renovation.

Custom Waterfall

Here is one of our waterfalls in action!