{2013 Project} Backyard Paradise

How did you Know Al was your Pool Builder?

We met up with a pair of customers from 3 years ago and asked them to remember why they knew that Al was the right pool builder for them.

A Message for The Pool Guy

The Billiau’s, customers from 3 years ago, have a message for Al!

Do You Use your Sun Shelf?

Wondering if a sun shelf would be a good addition to your future pool?

Pool or Lake House?

Easy question: Would you rather… Pool or Lake House?

The Relationship with the Company

We asked our homeowners from Macomb, Michigan how they would describe their relationship with the Legendary Escapes company. Here are their words.

What Was it like Working with The Pool Guy?

Talking to the couple in Macomb whose pool we put in 3 years ago, we learned what it was like to work with the Pool Guy.

Do You Have Any Regrets?

We talked to a couple in Macomb, Michigan who purchased a pool 3 years ago to check in on how they were liking it!
Here they answer whether they had any regrets or not.

Tour this Paradise

3 years ago we built this pool in Macomb, Michigan, and it is still being loved and enjoyed as a a tropical paradise.

What is Your Favorite Part?

3 years ago we built a pool in Macomb, Michigan and we wanted to see how it was doing. We talked with the customers who are still in love with their pool, and in this video, they talked about some of the reasons why.

Finding Al

3 years ago we built this pool, and we decided to check in and see how it was doing!
In this video, the homeowners talk about how they found Al.

The Build Start to Finish

Here is one of our past favorite projects from start to finish!