{2013 Project} Natural Nautical

Tour of the Natural Nautical Hybrid

This pool is all about the many personal features that were included. Watch for all of the creative things we designed into this pool!


Re-Claimed Barn Wood Fence

Re-claimed barn wood is one of the Pool Guy’s favorite accent materials.

Winterizing in-floor cleaning

Al describes the advantage of installing a by-pass valve for your in-floor cleaning system.


Pool Recap

Three months after the start of construction… there is a new environment.


Unveiling the Pool

Ask the Pool Guy Talks about showing off the pool.


Major Influence on Al’s Style

Thanks for the Pool Guy’s friend Alex – a genius who influenced Al.


Why this Pool?

It goes beyond just the pool. Learn a little more about why Al builds pools, and what he would tell his 20 year old self about his career in the pool industry. Hint: it’s all about the experience of life through water and concrete. Creating a space for you to escape to just be you for a while.


What would Al tell his 20 year old self?

Not to take life too seriously, for starters.


Wagon Wheel Themes

Learning how to theme an environment serves the pool guy well as he adds finishing touches to yards for that extra special touch.


Random Thoughts from Al

Random thoughts about changing the world. It’s not just about swimming pools.


The Pool Guys Favorite Part of the Pool.

…the Homeowners.


Simple Decorative Post Solution

Looking for a cool and easy design idea for a fence post? Here’s a quick trick.


Simple Retaining Wall Solution

Here’s a cool and simple way to finish a retaining wall, slightly decorative and cost effective.


Where Industry Innovation become Legendary

There are a few pool design elements that have recently caught the pool guy’s attention. We would predict that you’ll see some of these elements in upcoming Legendary Escapes – they are just that cool!


Industry Trends

Al talks about a pool in the Masters of Design by Pool and Spa news in the Gunite Category that he absolutely loves!


Thanks to Latham Industries!

The Pool Guy’s pools get cooler all the time. In part this is thanks to Latham Industries and Kafko Pool Products for having some innovative solutions for the swimming pool industry.

In-Floor Cleaning After a Storm

With In-Floor cleaning, no worries about a dirty pool after a storm. The pool will take care of itself!

If You are Watching This Give Us a Call!

If you are looking for a great pool company, let us know. We’re happy to connect you with any of the amazing people that we know around the country.

Only the Most Creative and Exciting

That’s what’s next.


What is a Master of Design?

We asked the pool guy, what is a Master of Design to him?


The pool guy reflects on what has gotten him to this point in his design and build career.

Pushing the Limits of Creativity

Why did he build a 10 person grotto, because he could. It’s because of amazing clients that the Pool Guy is able to push the creativity of swimming pool design and building forward.

Master of Design

The Pool Guy wondered at the start of his pool career what it would take to be good enough to be featured in a national industry magazine. Well, now he knows, and it’s pretty special.

Liner Talk

Choosing the right liner to compliment these unique projects takes some careful consideration. Watch to the end for a behind the scenes look at this custom liner installation in a Tru-Tile (a trademark of Latham Industries) Pool with a Hybrid Sunshelf and Waterfall.

Penny Print’s

Our homeowners often enjoy Penny, our Pool Guy’s pooch, while we are building their pool. If Penny was at your job during construction, there’s a good chance there’s a hidden Penny Print somewhere in your concrete. Have you spotted it yet?

Glass Tiled Slides

The pool guy has been hand carving slides and waterfalls for years. In this video he explains why the glass tiled slides are the best option for a great slide down into the pool. {Karen, who tiles the slides and spends all day getting it just perfect is the first person to try out this slide! The homeowners have no idea just how much fun we have at their pool, who said it’s all work?}

Just Add Water {then jump for joy}

There’s a moment in every pool waterfall project, before the water goes in, that you wonder is it going to work the way we planned it should…and then we just add water – the rest is history. {Watch it to the end, the Pool Guy makes quite a Splash!}

Surprise for the Homeowner!

We love surprising our awesome homeowners. This family went on vacation at the beginning of the week and it still looked like a construction mess. Here we are at the end of the week and they are going to get a cool surprise!

Building a Pizza Oven

Ask the Pool Guy’s Poolside Pizza Oven

Connecting to Concrete

Ask the Pool Guy talks about the special bond that he and the artists on our project form with concrete.

The Map

Ask the Pool Guy: Karen explains the Map

Making the Slide

Ask the Pool Guy Karen explains the Making of a Slide as she works on the foundation for the carving coat.

Concepts to Concrete

Ask the Pool Guy updates us on this project and how he thinks in terms of concept to concrete. (Here is the original video he refers to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz-Kvc…)

Tour the Grotto

Ask the Pool Guy talks about Design Concept to Actual Build Day. There is a lot happening even before the machines roll into the yard.

Design Concept to Actual Build Day

Ask the Pool Guy talks about Design Concept to Actual Build Day. There is a lot happening even before the machines roll into the yard.

We Are a Design to Completion Company

Ask the Pool Guy talks about doing it all. He is on the pool from design to completion, and all the artistic stages in between. He makes changes to the design as the project comes together.

That Mixer Must be Heavy!

The Pool Guy acknowledges that after 26 years in the pool business, there is something to be said for 20 something energy and strength

Pushing the Envelope with Portholes

When the pool guy goes into a project he has some idea of the artistic elements that will go into the project – and once on site they begin to take on a life of their own. In this clip the Pool Guy talks about pushing the envelope with Portholes on this amazing grotto that is taking shape.

Landscaping Accents

When the pool is designed right, the landscaping can be minimal to enhance the outdoor environment!

Selling Pools One Back flip at a Time!

Yes you see right! Here is Al the Pool Guy doing a back-flip off of the waterfall into the pool!