{2013 Projects} Sounds of Water

Sounds of Water Hybrid Pool

For all the different water features Al can create, each one has a different sound! (OK, so you have to imagine the sounds in this slideshow.)


Parascope Bubbler

Pool Guy Talk: Parascope Bubbler

Landscapes by Ask the Garden Gal

Landscaping? Naturally, Jodi!

The Right Fit

Advice for anyone considering a pool…you might need to wait for just the right fit. In the meantime you might take this homeowner’s advice…

Kid Approved!

Ask the Pool Guy is incredibly proud of his team – and here’s just one little reason why. Our crew and building process is very kid friendly!

Decision Time

Sometimes it’s easy to make decisions, and sometimes it’s just a little harder. Hear our homeowners perspective on stretching the budget to make sure the right elements are in the project!

The Sounds of Water Hybrid Pool

Listen to 4 very different water features / elements used in one pool.

Ask the Pool Guy Shares his Hybrid Spa

Al talks about Hybrid Spa specific. For 4 to 8 people, feeding a sheet-ing waterfall.

Building with Legendary Escapes

A slide show of pictures as Al and his crew build another Hybrid Pool. A good view of a vinyl and gunite pool without any water in it..

Heating and Cooling System

Ask the Pool Guy talks about how he is putting together custom Heating and Efficiency systems that head the pool from the bottom up. By combining the Paramount Main Drain and the BlueSquare Valve and Jets this pool looks amazing, and functions efficiently too!

Project Flexibility

We asked the pool guy to talk about flexibility during the building process of this Hybrid Swimming Pool.

Building a Custom Waterfall

Watch Al “The Pool Guy” build a custom waterfall from the ground up.

Designing the Swimming Pool Layout

The Pool Guy takes us on a tour of a new pool project that is starting later this week. He sees the finished pool in his mind, in 3-dimensions. Take a look around!