{2014 Project} Rectilinear Relaxation

Pumping Footings

The Pool Guy talks about some of the major construction steps in building a pool.

The Shotcrete and Gunite

The Pool Guy walks you through the construction of the gunite parts of the hybrid process.

Tru-Tile & Equator Skimmer

The Pool Guy discusses a big part of every hybrid pool we design.

Cave and Grotto

This interesting Cave and Grotto is a fun place for the kids to play and provides another element to the this rectilinear pool.

Auto-Cover Details

This homeowner built his pool around the necessity of the auto cover. Al talks about how he fit it into the build.

Sealing Strips

These little strips make the hybrid process possible.

Custom Carved Waterfall

A Legendary Escapes and Pool Guy Signature is the Custom Waterfall.

Building a Rectangular Pool

A Rectangle Pool is believe it or not an “out of box” idea for the Pool Guy.

Grotto Playhouse

The Homeowner wanted a hide-out for the kids that was out of the water, this is what The Pool Guy came up with.

Winterizing Tip for the In-Floor Cleaning System

The Pool Guy talks about the In-Floor Cleaning System and how we winterize it.

Bench in the Deep End

This love-seat bench gives a good alternative to a ladder or steps.

Equipment Discussion

An over-view of the equipment pad at this hybrid pool.

Where Gunite Joins Vinyl

The Pool Guy talks about how the spot where gunite joins vinyl is blended to make an awesome hybrid pool.

The Cave and Waterfall Build

The Pool Guy talks about the creative design behind the waterfall and cave.

Favorite Parts of this Pool

Al discusses his personal favorites on this build.

Glitter in the Patio

A Pinterest idea that became reality.

Technical Aspects of Tru-Tile

The Pool Guy Talks about some of the technical aspects of the hybrid pool process.

New Style of Waterfall

Al is always looking for something new and different in every pool. This one has multiple new aspects.

Overview of the Rectilinear Hybrid

Talking over the almost finished project as a whole.

Landscaping and the Pool Industry

Al talks about his experience in the pool industry and working with Landscapers. \

Enjoying the Pool Environment

After being in the caught in the crazy storm of finishing a build, Al gets to sit back and admire his work.

Fireplace Near the Pool

The Pool Guy is all about creating a greater outdoor escape than just a pool.

Aged Retaining Wall

The feel of the pool and the feeling of the environment around it is all in the details, including the retaining walls.

Low Voltage Lighting

The Pool Guy creates custom lighting out of anything he can find.

Getting Lost in Detail- The Pool Girl’s Perspective

The Pool Girls perspective on the build.

Technicality of a Rectangle Pool

Al talks about some of the unexpected challenges in a rectangle pool.

Getting Excited about the Future Hybrids- The Pool Girl’s Perspective

The Pool Girls perspective on moving forward from this build.

Auto Cover

This homeowner built there pool around this auto cover. Watch it in action.

The Pool Guy with Plumbing Tips

Al discusses how he goes about putting in the in-floor cleaning systems.