{2014 Project} Zen and Fabulous

Using Screen Logic

The Pool Girl proves how easy it is to control the pool using Screen Logic.

Jodi Cook – Landscape Accents

Jodi Cook of Ask the Garden Gal is our go-to Gardener/ Landscaper for accenting our pools.

Yard Tour

Take a look at this legendary escape.

Zen Waterfall

Take a look at this Zen and Fabulous waterfall.

Yard at Night

Sandi, The Pool Girl, gives a tour of the yard and the open house at night.

Traffic Light for Neighbors

The homeowners wanted something that they could use to let the neighbors know when the pool was open to the public. We decided on a traffic light. Green means open to anyone, they do not need to ask. Yellow is make sure you ask and red means that the pool is closed!

Pair of Fire Bowls

Check out this awesome fire feature.

Zen Fire Bowl

A close up of the very cool fire bowl.

Fire Bowls have Everyone Excited

Short review from some friends at the open house.

Turtle Lights

We love the zen waterfall turtle lights.

Glimpse at Lighting

Overview of the whole yard and the wonderful lighting.

 A Well Lit Backyard

A short clip of the finished lighting.

Fire Bowls

Al talks about the very cool and popular fire and water combo.

Kyle and The Fire Bowls

Kyle admires everyone’s favorite part.

Turtle Making

Karen talks about her famous turtles.

Tiki Carvings

The Pool talks about the personal touches of the tiki’s and how we take on the whole project.

Surroundings You Will Love

Sometimes the project has to expand, the pool guy talks about the wall re-build that they also took on.


A talk about how elevation can make a project more interesting.

Planning the Entire Yard

The Pool Guy is all about the look and visual interest of the project. He avoids the typical pool.

Always Something New and Interesting

Al gives a project update while we are wrapping up this project.