{2015 Projects} Cowboy Western Water Well

Tying Rebar with Katie and Ron

Katie and Ron work on the beginning stages of the pool.


Day in the Life of Penny

Here is another fun video of Penny the Pool Dog having fun on the job site!

Ron Using the Transit

Here Ron shows us how to use the transit by demonstration.

Construction Phase: Tying Steel

Picture Montage of the beginning of pool building

Cutting Rebar

Here Ron shows us how to cut rebar for the job!

Drone Fly Over

Here is an awesome video of the drone flying over our latest project!

Wild West Theme

Al talks about what he does with all of this right now “blank space” and how this area is what gets the themed ideas!

What is Important in Pool Design?

Sometimes everything needs to be broke down to see what the customer really wants! Design is super important on every aspect of the job!

Construction Overview

The Hybrid Pools that we build we create them to last and look beautiful but to do that we have had to create our own way of building!

Blending Steel Walls and Rebar

This is what makes our Hybrid Pools what they are the blending of gunite and vinyl liner! Al talks about how they come together and the materials used to make this possible.

Tru-Tile Overview

Tru-Tile is a product that we love to use on our pool builds! Here Al talks about why we love this product and how we use it.


Here is some more information about the TruTile that we use on all of our pools! Al talks about where the two different kinds of pools meet.

Laying Tile with Jesse

An awesome video of Jesse putting on the Tru- Tile for our latest project!


Kaylee Preps for Scratch Coat

Kaylee is prepping for the true tile to go on the pool wall!

Katie Shares Gunite Day Effects

Katie talks us through what happened today on the job site with the gunite portions of the Hybrid pool!

Karen Explains Prep for a Waterfall Top

Karen gives us the plan for the waterfall and what they have already created and how that base will build up to a beautiful waterfall!

Karen Explains Prep for a Waterfall

Karen gives us the plan for all of the waterfall! Right now it is at the very beginning stages and only some concrete with a couple cinder blocks, but it is very cool to hear her vision for this extravagant waterfall!

Tile Prep

Jesse scrapes off all of the junk that gets onto our true track, it might not be the most fun job but it is for sure important!

Kaylee Explains Scratch Coat

Kaylee tells us how we want our scratch coat and why.

Kaylee Prep for Tile

Prepping for tile is more complex then most would think it needs to be! But it must be a smooth surface for the tile to lay flat.

Karen Explains How Tile Works in a Hybrid Pool

Karen explains a way to keep a nice straight line for the true tile even with the transition from the true track (vinyl) to the concrete surface exposed (gunite).

Carson Lays Blue Stone

Here is another full day of laying blue stone in one short clip watch how it takes multiple tries before getting the correct stone in the right place! It’s all in a days work!

Blue Stone Coping

Today we take a walk around the pool and look at all of the blue stone that has been set around the pool that will eventually be glued down!

Prepping for Hard Bottom

Watch a full days work of prepping for hard bottom in this fast moving video!

Waterfall Creation

Here is the waterfall getting some more rocks to dazzle it up!

Cowboy Waterfall Themed Pool

This waterfall is something very different and very fun with all the different color rocks and minerals, then do not forget about the barrels and boots either!

What I Know About the Industry

The industry is always changing and is very complex just like us!

Finding Joy in What We Do

Al talks about how he and a friend were talking the other day about finding joy in what you do and your job. Hear what he has to say about it!

Al as Art Director

Al loves everything about the pool building, he has recently realized he is more the art director then getting to do the hands on stuff which is really his favorite of all the parts!

How Art Happens During a Swimming Pool Build

One of the things that happens when we’re building a project like this from an artistic perspective is it’s not so easy to manage using software, using any other means to track a project. I think the construction of the basic pool is very simple to track and to be able to keep customers aware of what’s going on. It’s when you get beyond that, once all the structure is there and you get to the art part.

Hybrid Swimming Pool in Progress

Here Al talks about this project different parts that are gunite and then those that are vinyl.

It’s Hybrid

The liner is in our project is almost done!

Go-Pro From the Air on Gunite Day

Here is another Go Pro video of our latest project!

Why Hybrid?

Al talks about why he builds Hybrid and how he started!

How Do You Plan the Sun Ledge and Step Shape

The question is how did the home owners change the shape of the area of their pool?

Art in Action

Here the crew is working away at trying to finish our latest job!

Most Critical Part of a Hybrid Pool

Super Important!!! This is where gunite and vinyl meet and how they work together!

Perfect Fitting Vinyl Liner

Here Al talks about the measuring for a liner and how it all comes together for this Hybrid pool!

Time-lapse of Karen Detailing

Here is detailing done by Karen at our latest job!

Time-lapse Making Boulders

Here is Kaylee, Ron, and Carson making a boulder.

Time-Lapse Liner Prep

Here is the crew prepping for the liner in! The project is almost done!

Time-lapse Liner Day

Here the crew is putting the liner in and getting it all in the track watch it as it all unfolds 😉

Time-lapse Scrapping Hard Bottom

Here is more scraping of the hard bottom being done by the crew!

Time-lapse Katie Rockin’ it

Here is one of the our office staff constructing a rock!

Time-lapse Scraping the Pool Bottom

Here is one of the most time consuming things is scraping the pool bottom to make sure that it is flat and smooth for the liner.

Cowboy Western Pool Waterfall

Here is some up close footage of our latest water fall at this Cowboy Western theme pool!

Go-Pro View of the Western Pool

Here is another Go Pro video of our Western Themed pool!

A Great Backyard Solution

The greatest thing about having a pool is it is right in your backyard to enjoy it whenever you want! No having to pack up and get in the car! Just walk right out your back door 🙂

Finding Al the Creative Custom Pool Builder

Finding Al can be both challenging and easy you just have to look for him in the right places!

Swimming Pool Design and Drawings

Al loves to do design drawings and models for the homeowners they still have them and it helps in the process to know generally what is happening!

Swimming Pool Surprises

Everyday is a wonderful surprise working with Al and his crew to build an awesome hybrid pool!

Favorite Parts of the Pool

After a long days work these homeowners love that they can come home to their awesome pool and jump right in!

Do you like the In-Floor Pool Cleaning/Heating Option?

In-Floor cleaning is the way to go this homeowner talks about how he loves this feature!

Favorite Parts and Fun Surprises

Here are homeowners of a new Legendary Escapes hybrid pool!

Al’s Process

Going with the flow is the better way to go sometimes! Here at Legendary Escapes that is the direction we take and have awesome works of art created because of it!

Pool Patio Day

Ever wondered what Patio Day looks like here at Legendary Escapes? Here is the whole day all in under 2 minutes watch this pool come to life with some of the finishing touches.

Troweling Scratch Coat

Kaylee working hard and making every detail count

Gunite Day

Here are photos from gunite day that show every step of the day!