{2015-16 Winter Project } Indoor Wharf Entertaining

Something BIG is about to change.

Taking on a brand new pool renovation to bring big, new changes to this indoor pool.

Renovation Progress

Series of time-lapse videos from our winter project highlighting all the action of pool renovating.

Gunite Pool Seat

A quick look at how the gunite part of the hybrid pools are formed.

Indoor Sun Ledge

Pushing the Limits of Ordinary

Planning a Sheet Spillover Spa

Sun Ledge and Spa Stairs

Choosing Tile and Coping

Underwater Speakers

Indoor Spillover Spa

LED Lighting in the Pool

Finishing Custom Concrete Waterslides

Accenting our Large Concrete Waterfalls and Grottos

The Scale of Things in a Large Indoor Pool Room

Massive Indoor Swimming Pool Grotto

Walk-in Grotto

Spa Surround and Coping Choices

How to add a love seat to a Gunite Pool

Interviewing our Homeowners

Did Ask the Pool Guy and Team Surprise You?

Advice from the Homeowner

What is Coming Up Next?

What is Your Favorite Part?

The Pool is the Focal Point in the House

Homeowners Opinon on Al’s Art

How Did You Find Us?

Prep for Spa Eco-Finish

Project Overview

The Model

Placing the Fish Tank

Planning the Renovation

The Model of the Pool

Prep for Eco-Finish on the Waterslide

Spa Prep with Muractic Acid and Rinse

Slide Prep