Contractor and Homeowner Relationship

There is a relationship that develops between contractor and homeowner in the course of a project that is being done. Most customers will tell others how it was to work with that contractor and most times you only hear about things like: they were not done on time, they were messy, they kept asking for more money we went way over our budget, and also they were not very friendly like they were at the beginning.

When Legendary Escapes builds a pool we put everything into it we want you to have the best pool ever so we have discovered some things to make the process better for both us and for our homeowners. Some of these things are not to give a exact date that we are going to finish the pool, we do this so that we can work at our normal speed of getting the most done we can in a day, but if there are set back like rain something that we cannot control unfortunately then we are pressured by that due date, this also allows us to get very creative with our design and how the pool looks. Another thing we have discovered is the best thing to do is to be in constant communication with the homeowners as a contractor and in all forms so in person, email, and phone calls or even texting. Then once we get to the end of the project to set aside different people to go there a day or two and do everything that the customer wants.  One big thing that we also do is when we are quoting a job, so for service or for building we make sure that we budget extra for in case something happens unexpected so we always can cover costs in case something happens but this does make our price at first seem higher, but after trying and using this approach everyone we have talked to and worked with and gotten feed back from said that this was very nice, it was nice because even if something happened or did not we had it covered and we would not ask for more money.

These are some things that we have discover work well for us hopefully you find them helpful too!!