Did someone say Swimming Pool Closing…already?


Call 248-478-4978 to schedule your closing!

Pool Closings Include:

  • Remove debris from bottom and surface of pool
  • Drain pool water below return lines
  • Blow out all lines
  • Add winterizing chemicals
  • Plug all lines
  • Anti-freeze in lines as needed
  • Remove plugs on equipment
  • Remove deck equipment
  • Install winter cover *free safety cover estimates upon request: Merlin Safety Covers
  • *per manuf. Recommendations we do not cover the equipment for the winter
  • & Most important of all: Peace of mind that your pool system is properly winterized by an experienced professional!

To prepare for your closing:

  1. Continue your routine maintenance and water balancing until our crew arrives.
  2. Keep the pool floor clean of leaves and other debris – our crew will do a final clean up before putting the cover on, however, if you have an entire tree’s worth of leaves on the bottom of the pool, we will have to charge you extra.
  3. Have your winterizing supplies out for our crew on the day of the closing. This includes your winter cover (safety cover or plastic cover), water bags if applicable & plugs
  4. Let us know if you need our crew to bring out any extra supplies such as:
    1. Swimming pool covers
    2. Waterbags – we recommend the dual tubes only!
    3. Winterizing plugs
    4. To take advantage of the special price, be ready to pay for your closing when it’s completed. Cash/check/charge cheerfully accepted.

Special Bonus Offer: Winter Pill™ for 30,000 gal. pools for sharing your feedback! Click on this link to write a testimonial and you’ll get the Winter Pill™  as a special Bonus and our way of saying Thank you!

Bonus: WinterPill for Pools

Winter Pill™ is an All-in-one formulated product with a 4 part blend to make spring openings faster and easier. It has a Clarifier to maintain sparkling clean water, a scale inhibitor to prevent scale build-up, and a stain inhibitor to prevent iron, copper, and manganese stains. Winter Pill™ is enzyme enhanced, it naturally destroys all organics, preventing water ring, enhances filter performance and improves sanitizer efficiency.

Easy to use – floats under your winter cover all season

  • Helps maintain clear, clean water all winter long
  • Prevents scale build up
  • Clarifies your water
  • Inhibits iron, copper and manganese stains
  • Enzyme enhanced to destroy organics in the water
  • Makes spring openings faster and easier
  • Safe for all surfaces and filters
  • Patented slow releasing formula good up to 6 months
  • Performs well with mesh safety covers
  • Salt water compatible
  • Dose: 1 pill per 30,000 gallons
  • Note: compatible with all sanitizers and with other winter kits/products

Winter Pill™ provides pool owners with a simple, effective way to winterize their pools, simply by dropping this measureless capsule into your pool before installing the cover. Winter Pill floats in the pool underneath the cover all winter, preventing scale buildup, clarifying the water, and maintaining pool filters.