Does your pool look like this over the winter?

Does your pool look like this?
Does your pool look like this?

The pool cover used on this pool is a standard plastic cover with waterbags.

The benefits of using a plastic cover are that it’s a relatively inexpensive way to cover your pool, and the cover doesn’t need to be custom fit for coverage.

Water underneath a plastic cover, providing there are no holes in the cover to allow the dirty water through, will allow for clear water underneath when you open it for the spring.

Drawbacks of plastic covers are that they are not the safest option available (think large plastic bag on your pool) causing a potential hazard for animals and small children. If you also consider that people want to be as economical as possible, the cover manufacturers also follow suit.

A plastic cover will be good for about 3 years with great care – you’ll also be purchasing waterbags to go around the edge of the pool. At a price per each bag, plus the number that go bad over the winter (holes, tears,and leaks) you will be investing in new waterbags every year. Some homeowners try to add cinderblocks or patio stones around the pool to anchor the cover. This is not a good idea. Anything falling into your pool can cause damage to the pool surface (especially a vinyl liner pool) so the money you save by using these anchors might result in a much more expensive repair or replacement of your liner. You also have to pump the water off the cover for the spring opening, and need to refill the pool to operational levels for the season.

With a smart mesh Safety Cover the water level will be back up in the spring, no need to add water!

Pietila Pools offers free quotes on safety covers, so you can convert your plastic cover to something much safer this season.  *prices start at $1500 for basic rectangles and can be custom fit to any pool configuration, waterfalls, spas, rocks, and more. Please contact us for details.