Doing a Garden Right- Handing the Project to Jodi Cook

As we finish up our most recent project, Steampunk Caribbean Pool, we hand it over to our favorite gardener/ landscape designer, Jodi Cook with Ask the Garden Gal. A lot of the time giving up and moving on from a project is difficult because of the time, thought and enjoyment that has gone into it. Yet, having someone like Jodi makes this transition easier, because we know the project is in good hands. The accents around the pool like the landscape can make or break a project of this size. In today’s market there are landscapes that try to “over do-it” and they try to make the landscape stand out from the pool. Jodi understands the ideas of the pool guy and knows that keeping things simple make the project come together as a whole.

The Legendary Escapes pools create great setting for gardens. Yet, around the pool you are working with smaller spaces and odd placed or shaped gardens. Not only does the garden need to be simple and flow but they plants have to be to scale and theme with the pool. Jodi strives to show off the creation of the pool guy by bringing together her own thoughts and the vision of the pool area. Having the themes of the pool allows Jodi to run with fun ideas and “make everything come to life. Literally!”