Blue Stone Coping for Swimming Pools

One of the Pool Guy’s favorite coping materials of all time is tumbled bluestone, one look at his portfolio shows you this is a great surround on most of his projects. In this video he shares a little bit more about why he likes it as a material and from an artistic perspective.

Bluestone and Scratch Coat

Here Karen shows us what her and the girls did today with the pool it is looking amazing!

How to Choose Tile and Coping Colors for the Pool

Choose colors in the same family to make sure all of your pool colors match and work well together, both those that are above water, and those below the water line as well.

Karen Explains this Step in Blue Stone Coping

Karen explains how we use the bluestone coping and also how we reinforce it with concrete below. At the end you see her laying the bluestone down!

Spa Surround Coping Choices

Al talks about the coping and design of this renovation.

Bluestone: Our Favorite Coping Material

Bluestone offers several advantages in color, shape and texture.

Karen Pondering on this Project

Here we have Karen our tile and coping specialist ponder our newest build! She talks about how she has loved this difficult project!

Laying Bluestone Coping

Here is another full day of laying blue stone in one short clip watch how it takes multiple tries before getting the correct stone in the right place! It’s all in a days work!