Gunite Day

Here are photos from gunite day that show every step of the day!

Where Gunite Meets Vinyl

The liner is in our project is almost done!

Why Hybrid?

Al talks about why he builds Hybrid and how he started!

Sealing Strips- Combining Gunite and Vinyl

Here is a step by step of how we install the sealing strip for the gunite to vinyl parts of our hybrid pools!

Hybird Pool in Progress

Here we are standing inside the pool as it’s starting to fill with water.

Tru-Tile Liner in Track at Sun Ledge

Here is where our Hybrid pool really is the meeting of Gunite and Vinyl together!

Katie Explains Sun Ledge and Spa

Katie talks about how our latest finished project is both vinyl liner and gunite to make it our custom Hybrid Pool!

Most Critical Part of a Hybrid Pool

Super Important!!! This is where gunite and vinyl meet and how they work together!

Drone Fly over on Gunite Day

Here is another Go Pro video of our latest project!

Non-Typical Vinyl Pool Construction

Here in Michigan we are building Hybrid pools, a combination of Gunite and Vinyl! See one of our 2015 pools come together.

Gunite Renovation Time-Lapse

We are just moving along on this indoor gunite renovation! Here is some video to fill you in on what we have been doing!

Time-Lapse Gunite Day

Gunite Day! from another perspective! If you have not yet seen it, check out the the time lapse on all of the preparation.

Gunite Prep

Preparation is key to a successful Gunite Day. Go team!

Shooting Gunite

Gunite Day at one of our interior pool projects. Can you pick one that is more active than all the others? We don’t even try.

Gunite Shooting the Pool Seat

his pool renovation requires some new gunite surfaces. Here we are shooting a small seat being added to the existing contours!

Adding Gunite Features

With renovations you sometimes have to think outside the box and that is what we had to do with adding our gunite love seat.

The Scale of Gunite Features

In a renovation we have to think of everything ahead of time and be ahead of the game to make sure everything turns out beautiful and here we took our time to create the perfect renovation for this gunite pool.

Why Gunite Needs a Surface Over It?

Al talks about the concrete in a gunite pool and why the surface is needed over it!

All About Gunite Pool Surfaces and Finishes

Have questions about Gunite pool surfaces and finishes here the Pool Guy explains them!

At the Gunite Shoot

Here is the gunite day in action we have someone shooting the gunite to make the walls of our pool!

Rebar in the Gunite Swimming Pool

Ever wondered about the construction of our sun shelves? Here is more about the design and process that goes into it to make it awesome!

Making the Sun Shelf- Gunite Day!

The guys over at Michigan Shotcrete joined us for the day to help create the sun ledge and spa of this amazing outdoor adventure pool. Here’s a closeup of the action.

Shotcrete and Gunite Swimming Pool Construction

The pool guy explains concrete, shotcrete, pumped cement, and gunite. Which one is stronger, which one you add air to, and which one you add water to? Use it wet or dry? Al gives answers in this great informational video!

Katie Shares Gunite Day Effects

Katie talks us through what happened today on the job site with the gunite portions of the Hybrid pool!

It’s Gunite Day

Here is a big day for everyone Gunite Day!

Blending Steel Walls and Rebar

This is what makes our Hybrid Pools what they are the blending of gunite and vinyl liner! Al talks about how they come together and the materials used to make this possible.

The Pool in Progress

Building a Hybrid Pool is broken down here by Al so we can understand where the gunite and vinyl come together!