Fall Notes from the Legendary Escapes Team & Ask the Pool Guy

Legendary Escapes & Ask the Pool Guy

 Building Pools that match your Personality

Our award winning specialty process of Hybrid Pools (gunite/vinyl in combination) is putting Al Curtis & Ask The Pool Guy in the spotlight. You can view the most recent projects on our Facebook Page: www.Facebook.com/AskThePoolGuy

Service Notes

This summer, once again, Al’s nephew Mark has been fielding the majority of our service requests. He really has a knack for the swimming pool business, and is excellent with our customers. Mark handles vinyl liner replacements, pumps, filters, heaters, plumbing & troubleshooting. One service it may be time for is a sand change. We recommend changing the sand  in your filter every 3-5 years. So if it’s been that long, or you can’t remember us ever doing that, please call and set this up!

Salt Generator Owners: Please take a moment to double check that you have your zinc anode in your skimmer. It’s the small round silver disc. If it has fallen out or gotten lost, maybe it’s time that we plumb one into your system so it can’t go anywhere? It is the most important part of your salt system after the cell itself and will help minimize corrosion in your pool equipment. So please, do check if you need another and let us know ASAP.

Favorite Product

Our favorite product is one that we’ve brought back to the market via private label – FerriTabs, which are the perfect solution for taking the iron/rust out of your pool water, especially when you have to fill it with the hose. They are the hottest seller out of our online store (AskthePoolGuy.net), and Al’s favorite problem solving product ever! They were off the market for a while, so if you haven’t tried them yet, you will love them! (1Tablet/3,000 Gal, so use one every time you fill with the hose, and then backwash 24/48 hours later).

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