Fantasy Pools

Fantasy. Imagination! Fun! Excitement! 😉 Yes, it is possible for your pool!

Legendary Escapes specializes in making your dream pool a reality. Sometimes a homeowner has a childhood vision of a pool, a childhood fantasy perhaps that they saw in a movie that became the image of the pool that they wanted. The awesome news here is that Legendary Escapes has a designer that will listen to what your vision is for your pool, and if is in the realm of things possible, he can design and build it for you!

One of our favorite types of projects to do is a themed back yard swimming pool. Al Curtis, our designer, will ask you if you have a favorite place you like to travel, a favorite country, area, region, or even hobby. He has created pools with wine barrel fountains and themed as the South of France. Southern France Themed Pool complete with Wine Barrel Spillover Fountain in Michigan!

He has also created columns for pool fencing and themed a pool as Roman Ruins. The pool also featured slabs of limestone for the coping, and old world type of liner.

A pool in Brighton is themed with a courtyard area, and retaining walls made to look like castle ruins, complete with a concrete archway, and the family crest carved into the waterfall spilling into the pool.

We like to explain these pools as a theme park vacation in your back yard. Legendary Escapes is based in Michigan, and our crews are happy to travel to create  unique, custom, and amazing pools across the United States.

What can we help to create for you?