FAQ- How do I get my Spillover to Splash More?

I recently had the coping and tile replaced on my pool and spa ;but where I used to have a mini waterfall, the water just kind of rolls over the lip down the side of the spa along the tile; the spa is almost filled to the top, before any water falls down. Are there guidelines these guys have not followed? They are coming back to “fix tomorrow”, but asked me how I wanted it and I have no clue what to say; I just want a waterfall like I used to have…please help if you can.


We actually ran into a similar question on one of our projects.

If it needs to sheet more (as it appears it does) either increase water flow, or change the stone to a sharp edge sheer off of, and possibly extending the stone farther out (more of an overhang) will give you more flow for the splash sound.

Certain Materials hold the water tension together and don’t allow it to crisp or cleanly fall away from it, which is what you have happening.

If you give the material a sharp edge it can’t hold the tension and it would give you more of a laminar sheet.

To make more noise as well, the water flow needs to flow over a rougher surface so it is splattering versus a smooth stone. We’ve used a rough piece of bluestone with a sharp edge and rougher surface to accomplish our sound effect.

Hope this helps!