Go Green!

Over the past few decades, we have come far in terms of being aware of our surroundings.  This environmental awareness carries through all aspects of our lives, even when it comes to the swimming pool industry.  The customers are going green, and manufacturers, builders, and resellers are reacting with products that would appeal to their customers. 

The good news is that the majority of pool chemicals are not considered harmful.  Pool chemicals such as chlorine and bromine are naturally occurring, hence they can be considered somewhat environmentally friendly.  Plus, they control the spread of bacteria in a swimming environment and keep our most valuable resource (people) safe.

When used in correct amounts and on a regular basis, pool owners would use smaller amounts of chemicals than when falling behind on their pool water maintenance.  When too little chemical is used, get ready for dangerous water conditions that would require playing catch up, resulting in the addition of greater amounts of chemicals than would be needed to begin with.  Therefore, dealers should encourage pool owners to follow a regular maintenance schedule.  Go green!