High pH water in community water supply

We have a swimming pool owner with community water that runs very high in pH. The pool has an automatic filling system on it, so as the pool gets low, water is added. As you can guess, this results in a high pH in the swimming pool – add this together with a chlorine generating salt system and we have an ongoing adjustment of pH and alkalinity just because of the pool environment. Once we understood this, our weekly service team just knows that adding pH minus or muriatic acid each week is a must! It’s great to get to know not only your pool water, but your source water as well so you know what you are dealing with. Oh, by the way, the source water also has high iron, so FerriTabs are a regular addition as well. This also explains the green tint to the water on occasion. High pH coupled with iron and the addition of liquid chlorine will push iron out of solution and make it visible to the eye…something to watch if you are in a high iron content area as well!