Homeowner Advice for Working with Al

As we have talked about in various blog posts and videos, we have a special kind of process that we have found that works for us. We try and discover homeowners that fit our niche market. Our most recent pool homeowner gave us a perspective on what is was like to go through that process.

They explained that “you have to be ready for it.” There is a level of trust that you have to give to the Pool Guy and his team. He said that type A personalities and more controlling personalities are going to have a hard time giving Al the space and freedom he needs. A lot of times homeowners are quick to judge the project in the process and want to change things in the middle, with the Pool Guy you need to take a step back and “wait to see what happens and 2 days later or a week later he has dealt with it on his own…you got to go with it”. There is no need to give him specifics or examples, you give him an overall theme and the big pieces you want; give a general direction to the project and then let him run with it. Al sets expectations, he mentions that he sees things as they go and then discovers the project along the way. Overall it’s a good way to go about something like this, because “you are able to see what fits” making the project flexible and smooth.