Hybrid Pools Give the “in it” Feel

Al and the Legendary Escapes Construction team is all about creating the right environment in the pools. As talked about many, many times, Al has created the hybrid pool to bring a new level of comfort to the swimming experience. The hybrid pool includes a mostly vinyl liner body but then has the added addition of the gunite accents such as, steps and sun-selves. This model allows us to finish off details that in a normal pool you would not be able to create.

In a recent project, the team has developed a tiered waterfall that spills on both the gunite steps, seat and the sun-shelf. All three areas are covered with Eco- Finish. This is a satin finish that creates a very comfortable soft feel that makes it so that you do not feel like you are standing or sitting on concrete but gives the feel of something almost like the vinyl liner. Yet, without having the liner there we are able to take the concrete rocks into the water and down on to the gunite step, seat and shelf which creates the environment and blend that the homeowner is looking for.

Being able to have this freedom allows the construction team to create the feel that you are “in it” instead of having something on top of the wall, the experience is that you are in the waterfall and the environment that we have created. You are not “on the environment” you are stuck “in it”. As we keep creating waterfalls and new elements, we keep finding bigger and better techniques that help us blend things better and easier to give the detail that we want.