Is it time to plan a spring swimming pool?


Yes, it is the perfect time to plan a spring swimming pool. The first step in planning a spring pool installation is to have a conversation with our pool designer. He can take a look at the yard, look at your plot plan, and find out what you are looking for in a backyard pool and landscape designed area. A few of the questions you will be asked are how do you plan to use the pool? How do you plan on using the pool for entertaining, do you host large groups, or will it be smaller gatherings for just friends or family? Finally, how do you want the pool to look? If you spend some time on or pinterest you’ll be able to create a collection of images that show the materials you like, as well as the look and feel of the projects that catch your attention.

Once he has some ideas together for you, he can present them with some options for features that would complete your backyard paradise. Once you like a design and are comfortable with the budget, it is time to prepare the blueprints and apply for the building permit.

Once everything is lined up, it’s just a matter of our spring weather cooperating so we can have a start date. Projects that get an early start have a good chance of being swimmable by mid summer. Alternatively, some people are not in a hurry to get in the water, and a later start date might be in order. Projects tend to take a few weeks longer in the spring due to weather restrictions. A mid-summer project tends to move a little bit more quickly.

If you have been considering a swimming pool in your back yard, now is always the right time to start the conversation. Give us a call at 248-478-4978 to schedule your design consultation.