It’s Time to Order Your Safety Cover!

Penny the pool dog loves safety covers–and you’ll love the peace of mind they provide.

We can’t believe it, but summer is already coming to a close. Our schedule is already starting to fill up with closings, and we get more and more calls each day. We’re also getting lots of calls about safety covers. If you’re interested in a safety cover, now is the time to call! It typically takes about two weeks from the time we place an order to get a safety cover delivered. As fall approaches and the manufacturer gets busier, that time can be extended a little bit. So if you’re planning on getting a safety cover this fall, or if you’re still mulling it over and would like more information, don’t wait too much longer. You’ll want to get your order in over the next couple of weeks to ensure we receive your cover in time to close your pool!

Safety covers are an excellent investment for your swimming pool for many reasons. First of all, they look much better than a plastic cover and water bags–the lines are cleaner and you won’t get that pond of water and debris on top of your cover. Second, because they’re mesh, they allow water to enter the pool. This contributes to the aesthetic value, but it plays a larger role. When spring comes and it’s time to open the pool, you won’t need to add water because your pool will already be full thanks to melting snow and rain water. *Note: we have received a couple of questions about whether you still need to lower the water level when closing a pool with a safety cover–the answer is yes, you do! A swimming pool with a safety cover needs to be winterized the same way. The most important benefit is, of course, the safety factor. Safety covers are safer for kids, pets, and your pool. There are no bulky water bags to trip over, and if a kid or animal ends up on top of the cover for whatever reason, the cover is made to support an immense amount of weight–they’ll be totally safe. Safety covers not only protect kids and animals from the pool; they protect the pool from kids and animals. The cover protects the pool from damage due to debris, people, or animals during the winter.

We deal exclusively with Merlin safety covers. Our designer and builder, Al, has been working with Merlin covers for many years and believes they provide the best quality cover. The material is superior to the other covers and manufacturers on the market, and each cover is custom made to fit each swimming pool. The mesh is top-of-the-line and features an innovative weave that provides increased shading from sunlight. This is helpful in the spring when it comes time to open your pool; many mesh safety covers will leave a pool bright green and full of algae because of all the sunlight that comes through the mesh. However, with the increased UV protection from Merlin’s safety covers, you’ll have a clearer pool and you’ll be able to get swimming sooner. We fully stand behind Merlin safety covers, and recommend them to our customers and friends.

You probably know that, here at Legendary Escapes, we specialize in unique and custom swimming pools. A unique swimming pool means a complicated safety cover–but we have the experience and expertise necessary to design those complicated covers. Often, pool companies don’t feel comfortable designing and ordering safety covers for swimming pools with waterfalls, slides, or other unique aspects. But, because those unique aspects are our specialty, we can do it! If you have a complicated pool and have been turned down by other companies, we can help.

The first step in getting a safety cover for your swimming pool is emailing over some pictures of your pool along with the dimensions. Using this basic information, we can get you a rough estimate of the price of your cover. We like to offer this rough quote first because safety covers are an investment–one that we believe is well worth it–and they can be a bit pricier than some buyers might anticipate. Then, if that sounds like something you’d like to move forward with, we will come out to your home and take measurements of the swimming pool so we can get you a custom design, specifically made to fit your swimming pool, and get an exact price. About two weeks from the time of the order, the cover should be in and we’ll be ready to install it and close the pool at your convenience.

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling, send us an email at Include a couple pictures and the dimensions of the pool. We’ll get a quote back to you in a couple of days. If you have any questions about safety covers, or if you’ve already got a cover and are ready to schedule your closing, give us a call at 248-478-4978.