Legendary Escapes: Home of the Hybrid Swimming Pool (TM)

Saline MI Vinyl Liner Gunite Hybrid Pool Legendary Escapes 2009 (361)
Saline MI Vinyl Liner Gunite Hybrid Pool Legendary Escapes 2009 (361)

It’s a pretty neat thing to see ideas that you start begin trending in the marketplace. At least that’s what Allan Curtis of Legendary Escapes tells us about the new trending topic of Hybrid Pools (TM), which is a term he coined to explain his building process of combining both vinyl liner and gunite building into one amazing finished product in his swimming pools.

Curtis got his start in the vinyl liner pool building industry, just about two decades ago. He started working for Ernie Pietila when he was still in college, learning the ropes of the industry, building and servicing inground swimming pools. The focus was on building vinyl liner pools, in the era when just about every home in metro Detroit was looking to have one installed. Curtis then purchased the Pietila Pools Swimming Pool store and installation company from Ernie in 1994, and began his own journey of creating unique and interesting projects of his own. He was introduced to the creative side of gunite pool building when Jack Roberts, a long time local builder, relocated to Florida and had a few pools that needed finishing up. Jack chose Al to turn his remaining customers over to, and the rest is creative history.

With his love of pools, background in physics and math as well as a love for art, Curtis began pushing the designs of his vinyl liner pools as far as they could go. Once they were as creative as they could possibly be, Curtis again contemplated how to make them even better, and creative to suit more homeowner’s needs. Enter they Hybrid Pool (TM) a term that Curtis has trademarked to explain his newest process of building pools, a combination vinyl liner pool and gunite pool. To this point Curtis is not aware of any other builder in the US market that has created pools quite like these.

ask the pool guy allan curtis of legendary escapes
Ask the Pool Guy, Allan Curtis, and Hybrid Swimming Pool Creator

“It’s the best of both worlds.” Curtis explains. “By combining a vinyl liner pool and gunite pool in a unique way, you get the very best in features and design of both. Homeowners love having something unique and different, and I get to push the envelope of pool building in both design and function. It’s a win-win all the way around.”

The Hybrid Swimming Pool (TM) has come from a love of swimming pools, creative design, and the desire for the best form, function, and artistic presence possible. The Hybrid Pools (TM) that Curtis is building are being sought after from homeowners across the country, and luckily for the residents of Southeastern Michigan, they are the first in line to be able to choose a trend setting process for their backyard swimming pool installation.

Social Media has also played a big part in the swimming pool industry. Just check out his facebook page, Al Curtis is also known as Ask the Pool Guy, as a long time industry leader and industry advocate. He builds and services pools in the Metro Detroit area, as well as acts as a consumer advocate, and is known nationally for his work with manufacturers, suppliers, and eduction in the swimming pool industry.

To schedule a design consultation with Curtis, please call 248.478.4978.