Let the Dolphin do the cleaning work…

Homeowners let us know all the time that they just love to vacuum their pools! I am kidding, of course. While some may enjoy the opportunity to work on a tan, the majority of homeowners would rather be lounging pool side than doing work all the time. The pool cleaner that we recommend, hands down, is the Dolphin pool cleaner. The dolphin comes in a variety of models, and you can get corded or uncorded remote control versions. We like this system because your debris is trapped into a self contained unit, which you can empty with ease. The system also runs independent of your swimming pool plumbing and system, so it can run as long as it’s plugged in. No need to fuss with your plumbing system. Whichever dolphin model you choose, be sure to purchase from a reputable swimming pool store so you can avoid warranty or service issues in the future.  The model pictured below is the one that I use in my pool – and it’s been a huge time saver! (The link below will take you to our online parts/equipment store if you’d like to get pricing.)

Dolphin Advantage Robotic Cleaner

The Dolphin Advantage robotic cleaner scrubs, brushes, vacuums and filters the entire pool floor and walls. The large self-contained inner filter bag collects dirt, debris and even fine dust particles. The Advantage features a state-of-the art advanced self-learning scanning program, optimizing pool coverage.

* At last an affordable long-lasting ruggedized robot
* Special filter collects dirt, debris and even dust particles
* State-of-the-art most advanced self-learning scanning program
* Scrubs and brushes the entire pool floor, walls and water line
* Environmentally – friendly cleaning process, requiring less chemicals