Levels of Luxury

Hybrid Pool Project Saline MichiganWe all know there is a big difference between basic and luxury. It’s easy to spot luxury in anything in life–the materials, the design, the durability, the quality of construction. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pair of shoes, a car, or a swimming pool; quality is easy to spot, and it is just as easy to spot when corners have been cut resulting in lack of quality. We all know this, and we can all spot a high-quality item; but we often forget that there are levels of quality within the “luxury” category. Not all luxury is created equal, and Legendary Escapes is walking (and swimming) proof of this.

A high-end, luxury swimming pool is easy to spot, as is any high quality product. Maybe this swimming pool is a unique shape, has a nicer finish, has a slide or a spa. It’s something you’d be willing to pay a little extra for, because you can tell this is a higher quality product. But there is a big difference between a high-end swimming pool that is manufactured, and one that is custom-made. Many swimming pools are manufactured off-site and plugged into a backyard. These pools can look elegant and make a really nice addition to a homeowner’s backyard. But, compared with a swimming pool that is created on-site and custom designed for each client, it is clear that there is another level of luxury.

Legendary Escapes swimming pools are made completely on-site, using natural stones and as many organic materials as possible. There is a wholesome look and feel that simply cannot be manufactured. Each swimming pool is created with a specific customer in  mind, and we never pre-make our materials. Every hand-sculpted rock is sculpted in the place where it will stay. Every water feature is hand-made on-site. Slides are built in as a part of the overall design, hand tiled, rather than an afterthought purchased from a catalog.

The quality is obvious and truly makes a difference. Just like a fabulous pair of heels or a well-made car, quality materials and construction make for a high-quality and long-lasting product. We’re not interested in building as many pools as possible as quickly as we can; we want each custom swimming pool we build to be the best product possible. Our goal is happy customers and beautiful swimming pools.