Liquid Solar Blanket

Flexible Solutions:

There is nothing worse than getting your pool open, clean and set up for swimming, only to have the temperature consistently drop much below comfortable levels each and every night. Yet such is the reality of pool ownership.

But it doesn’t have to be so bad. Flexible Solutions manufacturers a liquid solar pool cover that is easy to use and more effective than most pool owners understand. Using Heatsavr or Ecosavr can reduce a pool’s heat loss by half. Not only does this mean warmer water each morning, but it will also allow any pool to actually gain more heat throughout the day, as long as the sun is shining bright.

Ecosavr, the original liquid solar pool cover

Its not a miracle cure, but pool owners around the world have been using this plastic blanket alternative for over 20 years. With a time commitment of  less than a minute a day, a liquid pool cover can cut your heat loss in half, conserve 30 – 50% of your water loss to evaporation, and even reduce your energy bills substantially if you heat your pool.