My first Swimming Pool season in Michigan

My introduction to the swimming pool industry was a simple one. I was looking for summer work in May 1988. I was home from school between my junior and senior year of college. I was hired on as general labor for the swimming pool Opening season. I worked with a crew of two other veterans (both my age or younger) to the pool business. These guys, Kenny and Tommy, gave me my start. Little did they know that 23 years later I would still be doing it and they would just be talking about it.  Every guy that I ever worked with and then visited with later, always talked about the swimming pool business with great memory and longing. Each one has a  list of stories whether it be a pool service job, a swimming pool construction job or some other aspect of the swimming pool experience that is their favorite memory.

Each time I have one of these talks with a former worker, I’m left wondering what it is about the swimming pool business that does that to people. Is it the age they were at? Was it the physical labor and being in physical shape that they long for? Or is it just they fun that the swiming pool  business  affords? What do you think?