Need timer replacement trippers?

Such a small piece of equipment with such a big job! If you have a timing system on your pool that looks like this:

Intermatic Pump/Heater Timer Switch – 125V, SPST, 40 amps

You may or may not have these switch trippers handy. They allow you to set your swimming pool pump on a schedule so you can save energy and not have the system running all the time. Keep in mind that your system should run an average of 10-12 hours a day to allow for sufficient water turnover and sanitization. This becomes especially important if you have a chlorine generator installed on your pool. Chlorine won’t be generating unless the system is running.

If you find yourself wanting to cut down on your pump running just a bit, these will come in handy.

Intermatic Time Switch Additional Trippers


2 thoughts on “Need timer replacement trippers?”

  1. My trippers will turn off pool but will not turn on pool. I have bought new trippers and replaced them but clock still will not work. Can you help me? Thank you.

    1. You may need a new time clock – they run about $250 installed. Let us know if you would like to schedule this service. Thanks!

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