New Homeowners and Legendary Escapes: The Initial Process

Before the process even beings, when we get that initial phone call saying I want a pool from you guys, we first talk to you to see if you have a mindset that fits the projects we build. Then we hand the call off to Sandi to go over a few more details and set up the consultation. Once you’re past this stage there is still the meeting with Al where we mutually decide if we are a fit for each other. Once you get through the meeting with Al and it’s a yes on both sides, you are a new and welcome addition to our Pool Family!

When you buy a pool from us your not just buying the pool, you are buying a lifestyle. It’s a living breathing work of art, much like a painting in your back yard.

Most importantly you are buying the forever relationship with Al and the entire team.

When you own an Ask The Pool Guy’s Legendary Escapes pool you can be sure no your pool is an original piece of art, that you will enjoy with family and friends. We make it our mission to give you an experience you can enjoy while dreaming of the pool, designing and building the pool, and living with your pool for years to come.

After the consultation Al comes back to the office design in mind and he beigns to create the masterpiece that will soon be in your back yard. Next they lay it all out in the yard and get to building! After a few short months the pool is finished and ready for water and good times!