Novi Pool and Spa Show

Every year Novi Michigan hosts the Pool and Spa show at the Suburban Show place. This year it was the 21st show!  Ask the Pool Guy and Legendary Escapes have had a booth here for about 18 years. Over those 18 years there has been countless videos and work done by the pool guy. He talks about how in the earlier years of video at this show he was just developing the hybrid pool and introducing it to the industry. Back then it was in its early stages and we now see that Legendary Escapes as a whole has achieved our goals and much more.

This show is the only consumer pool and spa show in the country. Most shows are for people working in the industry and consumers can see pools at home shows or renovation shows. As a company being at the most recent show and the very first show, it is amazing to see how the products have adapted and how the consumers have reacted to the different products. The industry as a whole has change tremendously in the last 20 years. The pool industry is a consumer driven industry and the changes are a result of the demand that people are putting out. 20 years ago, The Pool Guy was wondering how he could change the mind of the consumer and create new, innovative products for the consumer. More recently, costumers have been pushing the line of new and innovative and the companies have been having to keep up.

A big impact and shift has been the internet; people can look up online and research the things that they want and then find a contractor to do they work they want. Opposed to before when the consumer looked to the contractor to provide them with the information and research. This shift provided the consumer with a way to drive the industry, like they should because they are the ones who are in the end paying for the service and product given. This positive change is allowing the pool industry to grow bigger and bigger and become more and more advanced; bigger projects, more efficient products, and better improvements overall.

Watch out for next years Novi Backyard Pool and Spa Show 2017!