Our Signature Turtles by Karen

A few days ago, someone asked us an interesting question. She loved our concrete turtles–part water feature, part jump rock, and part adorable decoration–and wondered if she could order one for her pool. The short answer is no–but not because we’re unwilling. The longer answer requires an explanation and understanding of the process we use to create these turtles and all of the other accessories on our swimming pools. Each turtle is custom sculpted by hand, just like each and every accent rock, boulder, waterfall, grotto, or water feature. Basically, we drop a pile of concrete onto the spot where we want the turtle to be. Then begins the shaping and sculpting process. These relatively small turtles look like they’d be simple enough to make and send to someone else’s pool. But these are not your average stone figurines. Because of the unique way we sculpt them, these little creations are incredibly heavy – at a thousand pounds or more…so enjoy our turtles, and if you are one of our Legendary Escapes owners, we’re happy to make sure you get your very own turtle with it’s own personality!