Landscaping Accents

A well planned swimming pool design can create all the visual interest you need in the backyard environment. Our pools are unique and detailed, and the right landscaping will really add that subtle wow to the backdrop Our resident landscaper is Jodi Cook of Naturally, Jodi’s Ask the Garden Gal. She works closely with the Pool Guy to help deliver a finished pool environment where the landscaping compliments the pool for a fabulous finished look, feel and that added “wow” factor to the backyard experience. We are advocates of the right landscaping. We are not advocates of the bush, bush, bush, tree mentality of many high volume low creativity landscapers.  Jodi provides a landscape that follows the same creative feel and gives your overall yard the “destination of your dreams” look. 

 Jodi Cook: Landscape Design

Naturally Jodi is just that… Jodi finds ways to be the most natural in all aspect of life. With a degree in horticulture, years of professional landscaping experience and a strong passion, Jodi has the ability to design your yard to meet your expectations and needs. Jodi will work with your space in any fashion you need… If you are a DIY-er she will provide you with a plan and a shopping list. If you are a weekend gardener, she can design and install the plants so all you have to do is maintain. If you have a big project, she can lay it out in phases so when it’s all done your yard flows together seamlessly.  

Check Out Her Work! 

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