Hannah Whitley

Office Team Member

Hannah Whitley

Hannah is a new employee for the pool company. She started her time here interning as it was a school requirement in order to graduate.

Hannah was interested in the way the company worked and so that is where her journey began.

Hannah is the receptionist for the office, she takes phone calls schedule appointments, cleans the office, and does data entry.

One thing she works on that she loves to do is blog posts, she reads articles relating to pools and rewrites them in a new way. They then get scheduled for a publish date and get posted to the website.

Her main project now is re-configuring the Ferri Tabs/Hybrid Pools websites with her partner Katie Dunn. With out Hannah who would do the data entry?! Or sit and make Ferri Tab boxes for hours on end? The point is she loves to do all the weird stuff no one else wants to do, which in turn makes her an asset to the company!

“I enjoy working with the pool team because we have fun all the time; No day is ever dull and we all can laugh together about anything” – Hannah

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